St. James’ U-16 Crowned County Shield Winners 16/08/2016

August 16th, 2016 | by admin
St. James’ U-16 Crowned County Shield Winners 16/08/2016
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St. James’ G.A.A. 5-15 An Cheathrú Rua 5-9

Well done to the St. James’ U-16 squad and management. The Jimmies were crowned Crowned County Shield Winners on Wednesday night when they defeated An Cheathrú Rua. This game an epic encounter and it was An Cheathrú Rua that opened the game on top with with excellent scores and team plays. The men from connemara were very tenuous in defence and were quick to punish any mistakes made by James’. At one stage in the first half An Cheathrú Rua went eight points in front. Nevertheless, the jimmies battled hard and took their scores well. Cian Gilory scored a crucial penalty to narrow the gap before half-time. Bryan McSweeney also scored a goal and this put the Jimmies in a good position. Their confidence started to grow and they soon added a tally a points to narrow the gap to three points at the interval. Josh Pyne, Cian Gilroy and Ryan O’Toole were among the scorers. The score at half time was St. James’ 3-4 An Cheathrú Rua 4-4. The second period began with both teams exchanging some well executed scores. Rory Melody scored a great goal to put James’ in front but Cheathrú Rua responded well and raised the green flag at the opposite end within a matter of minutes. Cheathrú Rua went on to take the lead with five minutes remaining on the clock. A move created by Robbie Olusola resulted with Jack Greaney scoring a significant goal that crushed the hopes of the connemara men. James’ pushed up on their kickouts and Cian Gilroy, Robbie Olusola and George Graney all added scores to seal the win. The referee ended the game in injury time and it was the Jimmes that ended this tie in a blaze of glory. A great team performance by all players and squad members was the difference between both panels. The Final score resulted St. James’ G.A.A. 5-15 An Cheathrú Rua 5-9. James’ had many heroes on the evening from their excellent goal keeper Rykelmy Rodrigues who pulled off some excellent saves on the evening. The back played extremely well and notably, Dean Fitzpatrick, Rory Melody, Stephen Flaherty Kelly, Conor Devlin, Ian Casserly, Ryan O’Toole, and Kevin Hourgian. Midfieldiers Josh Pyne and Bryan Mcsweeney were so influential in the game and brought a lot of intensity and leadership to the team. The forwards were excellent to say the least and it must be noted that these players were Cian Gilroy, Robbie Olusola, George Greaney, Jack Greaney, Bryan Hale, Anthony Loye, Daniel McNulty, Shane Follard, Conor Boyce and Cian Costello Hynes

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